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Archivio Giuseppe e Victoria Chiari di Mario Chiari e C. s.a.s.

On January 16th, 2008, by a notarial deed undersigned by Francesco De Luca, notary in Prato (Italy), Giuseppe's wife, Victoria Chiari Laforgia, incorporated the Archivio Giuseppe Chiari di Victoria Chiari Laforgia e C., s.a.s., as a mean to protect, manage and promote her husband artistic, intellectual and moral legacy.

Besides Victoria, socio accomandatario, Giuseppe and Victoria's only son Mario and their daughter in law Maria Cristina Ferrari joined as founding members and soci accomandanti.

Social mission of the Archivio was stated to collect, catalogue, research and dissiminate Giuseppe Chiari works and studies in music and art, and to undertake any other activities which could be seen as useful to pursue those goals.

Since the passing away of Victoria, the Company has been renamed Archivio Giuseppe e Victoria Chiari di Mario Chiari e C., s.a.s., without any change in mission or kind of activities. Mario Chiari took the role of socio accomandatario.

Authentication services is a main activity of the Archivio. Under request by collectors or art traders, if supporting, consistent evidence is provided and there are not reason of doubts, the Archive may decide to issue a certificate of authenticity. The Archivio maintain a numbered Registry of issued certificates, which up to today (April 2016) includes more than 2500 items.

The certification deed and the signature on the certificate itself has been always undertaken in person by the direct heir, and Archivio's socio accomandatario, namely by Victoria Chiari Laforgia up to spring 2010, and by Mario Chiari since then. Instructions and forms to request a certificate of authenticity are detailed in the linked files (sorry, italian only)

The Archivio has contracted out the secretarial activities, included those related to its authentication services, to Ms. Martina Buzio. For any legal and tax related issues and duties, the Archivio is assisted, pro bono, by Aldo Marchi, Atty. , Studio Marchi Associato, Prato.

The Archivio Giuseppe e Victoria Chiari di Mario Chiari e C., s.a.s. is a Company registered at the italian Registro delle Imprese in Florence, number 05812850484.


We gave a short talk about the Archivio Giuseppe e Victoria Chiari and what we do at the two days study meeting La poesia in immagine / L'immagine in poesia Gruppo 70. Firenze 1963-2013, held at the Florence National Central Library, June 5-6th, 2013 (sorry, only italian).
Thanks to Teresa Spignoli, University of Florence, for the kind invitation.

from La poesia in immagine / L'immagine in poesia Gruppo 70 - Firenze 1963-2013, Teresa Spignoli, Marco Corsi, Federico Fastelli e Maria Carla Papini (editors), Campanotto Editore, Pasian di Prato (UD), 2014

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Ms. Martina Buzio
Executive Secretary

Archivio Giuseppe e Victoria Chiari di Mario Chiari e C., s.a.s.

c/o Iuris s.a.s.
Via Bolognese 307, 50139 Firenze
tel. + fax   +39 055.400444
mobile  +39 347 6760651

mailto: info (at) giuseppechiari (dot) it  (note: .it, .eu)