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December, 20th 2017, 5.30 PM , Museo Novecento, Florence, round table on Giuseppe Chiari, Musica Madre


Musica Madre, third edition, Giampaolo Prearo Editions, Milan 2017

Museo Novecento and Giampaolo Prearo Editions invite you at a round table on


Musica Madre

December, 20th 2017, 5.30 PM,
with Gabriele Bonomo, Mario Chiari, Bruno Corà and Valentina Gensini.

Musica Madre, texts by Gabriele Bonomo, Claudio Cerritelli, Tommaso Trini e Giorgio Verzotti,  transcript  of a conversation  with Giuseppe Chiari by Girolamo De Simone. Introduction by Gino Di Maggio e Giampaolo Prearo. Italian and english text.  Giampaolo Prearo Editions, Milan, 2017.

Giuseppe Chiari (1926-2007) is described by Gino Di Maggio and Giampaolo Prearo as a ‘complex personality who was nevertheless always open to dialogue. “Art is easy” – “Music is easy” are two of his most famous statements. Evident paradoxes; nevertheless excellent indications of everyone’s desire to participate in the “game,” convinced as he was that the game was indeed worth the entry fee and could make us all a little bit happier’.

The book Musica Madre is devoted to the works of multifaceted Florentine artist and musician/composer Giuseppe Chiari, Italian promoter of art’s historic avant-gardes and of experimental intermedia work.

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