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GIUSEPPE CHIARI. Grande formato, otto spartiti


Grande formato, otto spartiti
May, 20 - June 15, 2021 - virtual show

Il Ponte - Grande formato, otto spartiti

grande formato otto spartiti
20 May - 15 June 2021, virtual show

exclusively online
curated by Andrea Alibrandi

Galleria Il Ponte - Firenze

Alongside the gallery exhibitions, Galleria Il Ponte is continuing its virtual shows with a set of large-format works by Giuseppe Chiari.

The show presents eight musical scores from the early 1980s. The scores are photographed and blown up to a large size (approx. 150x100 cm) on glossy paper, cotton fibre paper and acetate, and display the marks of Chiari’s energetic improvisation.

As Stefani Verri writes, “Giuseppe Chiari, one of the outstanding figures of Italian conceptual art, musician, composer and intellectual,  transforms the concept of musical score. He takes what is for the canon the essential tool in order to write and play music and places it in a visual dimension, transforming it with colours, marks and crossings-out. On one hand, these may seem to go against the institutionality of the 'rule' but on the other they highlight this sense of totality in a subtle mixture of languages”.

Chiari progresses from visually highlighting the notes or graphical symbols signalling the gestures to perform, which become independent images and pure visual products in the first musical scores, to experiment different means of expression: from collages to paintings and gestures consisting of marks, words and stamps on staves, scores and photographs which find full expression in the 1980s.

The works are all accompanied by certification from the Archivio Giuseppe Chiari.

The virtual shows are a new way to propose the gallery’s activities in this ongoing pandemic situation. The space is designed as a faithful reproduction of one of the rooms in the gallery which hosts a small number of selected works in solo exhibitions.