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Giuseppe Chiari's son, Mario, is taking care of


(April 2016) registered, website transferred from .it to .eu, code upgraded to TYPO3 CMS 6.1.23, complete layout redesign;
(March 2010) pubblished online, with a temporary layout and basic features (indeed never really completed or kept updated :-( screenshot);
(January 2008) Forms and info about Archivio Giuseppe Chiari made available at;
(September 2001) registered by Mario Chiari on behalf of Giuseppe Chiari. 

Techy is realized thanks to TYPO3 CMS, still version 7.6.23 [update November 2017]; its layout has been made possible thanks to Grayscale, a  free, multipurpose, one page Bootstrap theme, which has been integrated with mmenu, a JQuery plugin.  hamburger icon  is courtesy.


TYPO3 CMS is a content management systementerprise level, open source, developed initially  by  Kasper Skårhøj  and today maintained by a international community under the stewardship of the TYPO3 Association. TYPO3 CMS makes available a large number of extensions: among others, employs realurl v. 2.0 developed by Dmitry DulepovNews developed by Georg Ringer; beautyOfCode developed by Felix Nagel to integrate into Typo3 Prism, a powerful Syntax Highlighter.

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jQuery, Bootstrap, Grayscale, mmenu

jQuery  is a well known, very powerful  Java Script library;

Bootstrap is a framework to develop advanced HTML+CSS code, and includes non-performing jQuery components. Bootstrap developed by   Mark Otto at Twitter.

Grayscale, is a free, multipurpose, one page Bootstrap theme featuring smooth scrolling animations. Grayscale was developed by David Miller;

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My sincere thanks are due to: 

Vincenzo (Enzo) Viscuso, for his time, advises and prompt replies to all my queries;

Martina Buzzi Alessi per her lasting friendship to Victoria and myself.


For your questions, requests and advises, please mailto:
(at) giuseppechiari (dot) it  (note: .it, .eu)